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  • 同洲消息引擎系统为各业务在STB、PHONE、PAD、PC用户等建立统一的信息交互的平台,提供消息通知、用户点对点通信、多屏交互式消息业务提供了能力支撑。


  •  feature of product:

    • Multi-screen integration: truly realize the interconnection of set-top boxes, mobile phones, tablets, and computer terminals, thereby supporting many business scenarios and improving user stickiness.
    • Open business integration capabilities: Water, electricity, coal, gas, banking, medical and other services can be extended to TV screens. It also supports multi-screen interaction, chat, advertisement, survey and many other distinctive business docking. Interface standard, various terminals can be easily integrated.
    • Data security: encrypted transmission, sensitive word filtering, content controllable
    • Flexible advertising strategy: flexibly broadcast according to various strategies such as black and white lists, regions, client types, terminal types, and time periods.
    • High-concurrency data processing, high-performance open source message components, and high-performance cache architecture.
    • Good disaster recovery processing, cache, database, and cluster all support active and standby switching.
    • Various types of cluster deployment solutions to adapt to various network environments


    Hanging corner advertising push

    Update message push


    polling interaction

    broadcast message

    Multi-screen interactive

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