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MOUI management system


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  • feature of product:

    • Launcher desktop modular drag-and-drop orchestration configuration
    • It supports the import of H5 and JS templates, and supports the visual arrangement of various service UIs of terminals such as STB, mobile phone, and PAD.
    • Configurable to any resource in the UI, partial automatic update of module plug-ins
    • Application hyperlinks, support link configuration jump channel live, on-demand, time-shifting, APK, HTML, JS, APK specified parameters, content preview rendering, etc.
    • Built-in a large number of plug-in applications and functions, mainly including: LOGO, weather forecast, clock, perpetual calendar, network status, notification center, dynamic effects, wallpaper, marquee, whether the content needs authentication, black and white list, etc.
    • Supports configuring whether the Launcher tag allows users to edit and customize content (content includes: channels, application games, videos, etc.). And according to different user groups, you can only choose the content of the resources he is authorized to customize
    • Supports publishing different layouts by terminal type/version, region, user group, etc.
    • Powerful performance, cloud deployment, and support for massive terminals.

    Drag-and-drop visual orchestration

    One person one screen custom desktop

    Long interface, unlimited expansion

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