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  • Tongzhou Big Data Platform collects the viewing behavior, business data, program data, user data, operation data, etc. of terminals based on IP two-way network (including middleware STB, smart STB, smart TV, mobile phone, PAD, etc.) Collect, transfer to cloud storage, perform ETL, analysis, processing and storage on these data, and apply and display the analysis results.

    On the basis of distributed computing and storage technology based on Hadoop ecology, Spark parallel computing technology and algorithms such as Mahout and R language, and integrating Co-zhou's understanding of the radio and television industry for many years, it has developed a series of large-scale solutions that meet the needs and characteristics of operators. Data platform platform. Using self-developed data processing technology and algorithms, the traditional BI business needs can be responded to in seconds, the data scale can be horizontally expanded, and on this basis, user portrait algorithms, feature user extraction methods, user Habit models, business operation forecasts, etc., are used to support the operator's business intelligence operation requirements.

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