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  • Deepin EPG can provide personalized EPG for each user, helping users to quickly watch their favorite programs from a large number of TV channels and programs in the shortest time. It is the operator's broadcast TV, time-shift TV, on-demand TV and interactive value-added The "salesman" of the business helps operators to recommend the right programs to the right TV users at the right time, display the right advertisements in front of the TV users at the right time, and combine the intelligent recommendation to provide users from live broadcast to on-demand seamless switching.

  • Live classification

    Live Breakpoint Association

    Live association

    The associated program is a program related to the current program. For example, "Very Perfect 2014-07-04" is currently playing, then from all the channels that play the program, associate the weapons before and after the program, and the focus box will select the next issue by default. programme.

    Real-time poster collection

    After the live video/on-demand video stream is injected into the CDN, according to the time interval set by the operation strategy (not less than 1 second, such as 60 seconds), the video frame is automatically extracted from the video stream, and it is converted into a poster image in real time, and classified in the live broadcast/on-demand video page, which will display the latest generated posters for each channel. When the user is playing and dragging, the posters will be displayed quickly for preview.

    Live/On-Demand Unified Tag Library

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