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Full business intelligence platform


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  • The full-service smart platform has full-media, full-service, full-network, and full-terminal operation capabilities, and can simultaneously meet the basic business needs of DVB, OTT, IPTV, etc., and realize multi-screen interaction, video communication, shopping, games, VR, interactive live broadcast, home Value-added services such as finance, home security, home medical care, etc., and can support cross-platform and cross-system integration services such as smart homes, smart communities, and smart cities. It is an industry-leading converged platform solution. The platform is a standard-compliant open platform that is operable, manageable, maintainable, scalable, highly reliable, and highly available. It is the best choice for operators to carry out full-service integrated operations.


  • Full business background management system

    Unified Portal Management

    Portal is a unified portal system for all services. It provides a business portal for multi-screen users, and provides functions such as portal navigation, business system jump, personalized intelligent recommendation, and automatic terminal adaptation. It provides high-quality user experience with users as the center.

    Unified business management

    The business management system includes core operational functions such as product and business management, user management, and operation management.

    Unified Content Management

    The content management system realizes the unified management, distribution and control of real-time content and offline content, including the unified introduction of video content sources, the unified management of multi-screen content metadata, and the realization of workflow-based content review and distribution processes.

    Unified authentication, authentication and accounting

    The authentication, authentication and accounting system mainly undertakes the functions of service authentication, service authentication, and service data interface, and meets the authentication, authentication, and accounting requirements of the full-service, full-terminal, and multi-user system.

    Unified Session Management

    Unified session management mainly includes functions such as play string and playlist management, which are automatically executed when users access services, and perform unified management and control of sessions of vendor capability systems or gateways with different protocol capabilities (such as heterogeneous VOD gateways).

    Unified Resource Management

    Responsible for allocating and managing resources on edge devices (IPQAM). The edge resource manager needs to determine the use of edge devices on resource requests from a specific session of the session manager. Support full-service access management of shared resources, such as VOD, SDV, video cloud (video from web pages, games, etc.), etc.

    Media access platform

    Responsible for on-demand service session life cycle and video server resource scheduling management. It performs resource scheduling and allocation with the edge resource manager and resource managers of other components, and enables video streams to be transmitted from any server to any edge device. Connect to video servers from different manufacturers and follow protocol specifications such as NGOD, NGB, and HLS.

    Multi-screen sharing

    The multi-screen sharing system is the user's multi-screen personalized information center, providing support for the user's cross-screen roaming, including user information cloud storage, personalized cloud configuration, favorites, bookmarks, usage records, resume management, etc. After users use any terminal to experience the service, in addition to using it on this screen, they can also use other terminals to seamlessly experience the service.

    Operational report

    Operation reports are for platform operation, CP, SP, AP, (advertisers), and application developers. They are used to statistically analyze operational data, guide daily operations, and provide data support for operational decisions. Application developers provide data analysis services to understand and analyze their respective business situations.

    Reports can be visually displayed to users in the form of bar graphs, line graphs, pie graphs, point graphs, and curve graphs. Support web page, Excel, PDF, WORD and other formats and can output effectively,

    Video streaming system

    Video Streaming System (VSS) provides video streaming services for interactive video services, supports services such as on-demand, time-shifting, wonderful review and NPVR, and can also open video streaming capabilities to third parties, such as TV education, traffic conditions, security monitoring, etc. It supports the injection, caching and push of video streams in multiple encoding formats. A single 8000 concurrent stream) top-notch video server.

    Content Delivery Network Content Delivery Network (CDN) is capable of content injection, storage, distribution, caching and management. It can distribute and cache hot content to edge cache nodes for user access, which not only improves user access efficiency, but also reduces the pressure on the backbone network caused by user access. The local push stream hit rate of edge nodes is as high as 80%-90% %, the performance of a single streaming unit is as high as 4500 SD concurrent streams. At the same time, it supports DVB and IP video content, and can be perfectly connected to various terminals such as STB, mobile phone, tablet, PC, Internet box, etc.


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