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Tongzhou Electronics leads TVOS standard customization and development----Guizhou Parents Music Project


  • Product Description
  • Certification - TVOS R&D core member unit, standard drafting unit

    Since 2009, in order to regulate the sound development of the radio and television industry, the Academy of Radio, Film and Television has launched a research on the technical specification of NGB middleware. In 2010, a number of NGB special groups were formally established. Among them, the middleware and smart TV operating system special working group was responsible for the research and development of NGB middleware technical specifications and smart operating systems, and comprehensively promoted the research and development of NGB smart TV operating systems, referred to as NGB TVOS.

    In October of the same year, Tongzhou joined the working group on middleware and smart TV operating systems. Based on the technical specification of Tongzhou middleware, the NGB terminal middleware technical specification was drafted in cooperation with the Academy of Sciences. The specification was extensively discussed and reviewed by the Academy of Sciences, and finally the standard "BY/T 267-2012 Next Generation Broadcast Network (NGB) Terminal Middleware Technical Specification" was officially released in October 2012.

    During the drafting of R&D, there were too many member units in each working group, in order to accelerate the R&D process and form core leading member units. The Academy of Radio, Film and Television of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television identified the core team members in the working group, established the TVOS1.0 R&D group, and undertaken the key technology research project of NGB TVOS1.0. With its strong accumulation and R&D strength, Tongzhou took the lead in joining the R&D team and undertook the development of the NGB-J DTV business framework. On December 12, 2016, with the efforts of Tongzhou and the R&D team, the General Administration released the TVOS industry standard "GY/T 303.1-2016: Smart TV Operating System Part 1: Function and Architecture" and "GY/T 303.2- 2016: Smart TV Operating System Part 2: Security, Tongzhou is one of the drafting units of the two standards.


    Guizhou Parents Fun Project:

    • In March 2014, the project was launched. On the Amlogic S802 platform, based on TVOS1.0, the S2300 product was developed.
    • Mass production started in January 2015.
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