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P5000-14 SD Decoder


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    P5000-14 is a powerful standard-definition digital integrated decoder with configurable design, which can support DVB-S/S2, ABS-S, DVB-C and other source input, and can decode H.264/MPEG4 AVC, MPEG2, etc. With broadcast-grade transmission functions, including ASI, MPEGoIP, CVBS, AES/EBU/SDI, XLR, and other interfaces. Encrypted programs can be descrambled by CI multi-programs, and an open SNMP programmable interface is provided, which is convenient for centralized management of equipment in the radio and television room.


    ●Support various mainstream conditional access systems, provide two CAM card slots, in line with EN 50221 standard
    ●Support multiple transmission interface outputs, including ASI, IP output
    ●Support multiple audio and video output interfaces, providing CVBS, AES/EBU, XLR and other outputs
    Support two CVBS video interfaces and one RCA interface for monitoring output
    Support Chinese and English menus, friendly user interface and 2*16 LCD English menu management methods Support
    Web Server, provide Web management methods
    TV program memory function and network port, serial port upgrade



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