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  • Name: 7962
  • number: 7962
  • Shelf time: 2017-08-16
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Enjoy the Wonderful TV Night

Philips ultra HD smart TV gives you a dynamic experience of immersive experience


Excellent Picture Quality

•LED backlight,4K2K ultra-high resolution,4K enhanced technology

Sound Quality Extraordinary
•2X10W High-fidelity sound quality,can enhance the sound to enjoy the ultra-wide surround sound

Set-top Box Built-in 
• DVB-C Cable digital TV machine

• Built-in CA support for encrypted digital TV condition reception

• The customized interface of operators and industry can achieve two-way functions through external CM or EOC

Commercial Function
• Hotel management menu; Rapid "cloning" of programs; Channel editor; Setting of the boot audio image

•RS232 Xpress™Serial interface; External speaker interface; Infrared remote signal output

Intelligent Interconnection 
• Integrated WiFi allows you to connect to web surfing; EasyLink easily controls TV and connected devices

• Photo,music and video multimedia file sharing; Bluetooth peripheral connection such as headset,game controller and remote control,LED backlight intelligent TV with 4K sharp intelligence enhancement technology



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