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  • Product name: Full business monitoring platform

It is used for full business operation monitoring and tracking of key business indicators, which can provide detailed tracking records for location of system or suspected faults, so as to greatly release the operation & maintenance manpower, and improve the efficiency of operation & maintenance.

1. Monitor user access, session, video pushing status for each business system.
2. Monitor the server devices, including CPU, disk, memory, Swap partition, network card, and process, and support SNMP protocol.
3. Monitor Oracle/MySql database, including number of connections, number of lock tables, and table space.
4. Monitor log file, shell script file, and start/stop script of executable application system.
5. Monitor business process concurrency, and response time.


  • A variety of forms of early warning: voice, text messages, e-mail and other early warnings
  • Support standard network management (SNMP) protocol, facilitating the cooperation with the third party
  • Support sub-area management: Support the rights management of users in different administrative areas, and the operators in different areas can only view the data in their own areas
  • Support a variety of acquisition methods: Support shell script acquisition, support dynamic SQL configuration acquisition, support SNMP protocol report, and support HTTP-URL
  • Built-in monitoring report: Support report of device performance, support report of device performance trend, support IPQAM peak report, support query report of on-demand session, support analysis report of session log
  • Support the expansion of customized monitoring: Provide customized shell scripts, SQL and other flexibly configured monitoring items
  • Excellent performance: Support cluster deployment; and a single set can monitor 500 servers.