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  • Product name: Intelligent advertising system

COSHIP® Intelligent advertising system provides a full-business advertising solution integrating advertisement management, pushing, and effect monitoring as a whole to the operators, support the seamless cooperation with the operators’ business operating system, and achieves the advertising capabilities of live broadcasts, on-demand broadcasts, applications, games, and other value-added business, as well as supports a variety of interactive forms of advertising, such as graphics and texture & video, and corner, floating, which is in line with international standards of SCTE-130, VAST/VMAP and so on.

  • Integrated docking with VOD on-demand system, which can provide a plentiful business data for advertising.
  • Web advertising supports graphics and texture, video, application and other forms of advertisements, which also supports setting of the advertising details.
  • For the attached advertisements, one or more consecutive channel advertisements can be broadcast at the specified time points before, during and after video broadcast.
  • Advertising supports the association of multiple sources, including movies, shows, programs, channels, channel package, and other targeted advertisements.
  • Advertisement scheduling supports daily, weekly, monthly, or continuous advertisement, which also supports the broadcast of advisements all-day long or at different time periods.
  • Easy to dock with traditional set-top box, and directly introduce the advertisement display control jsscript of advertising system, which can realize the advertisement presentation.