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  • Product name: Terminal software intelligent upgrade system

The traditional terminal software is upgraded by using unidirectional OTA method, which has many shortcomings, such as many links, long period, opaque upgrade process, large, and high risk. Under the trend of IP-based, intelligent terminals, the terminal software intelligent upgrade system can help operators to solve this problem, so as to greatly reduce the risk of intelligent terminal software upgrade, and improve the operational efficiency.


Upgrade process:

  • Support multiple types, and various forms of software upgrade

1)Support the upgrades of total software package, incremental software package, software application package, and software application patch

2)Support the upgrades according to terminal type (TV/STB/Phone/Pad), hardware models, product models, operators, designated channels, and designated version.

  • Gated upgrade: Support business sub-area, IP address, MAC address, on-demand area, serial number and other targeted upgrade strategies, support any combination of these strategies.
  • Upgrade result tracking: Statistics of application version distribution, statistics of total downloads of application version, general statistics of upgrade from historic version to current version, and etc.
  • Real-time monitoring of upgrade process: Downloads of software package, upgrade completed, terminal connection number, system operation log, management of online system caching, and etc.
  • Flexible, expandable, configurable system: Threshold of terminal access, limit stream of download, multi-level distribution of software package, and horizontal expansion of download server
  • Rollback-able upgrade: If any upgrade abnormities, support the rollback to previous available version.