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  • Product name: Launcher management system

With the popularity of intelligent set-top boxes, it has become an important demand for operators that Launcher (Power-on Portal) and APP are beautiful, easy to use, and can be updated rapidly and timely. For traditional terminal Portal, the disadvantages that its style is too fixed, its modification is complex, and its upgrade is slow, its presentation effect is poor, and so on are all shown undoubtedly, but through COSHIP® Launcher management system (MOUI system), the operating personnel can easily carry out visual drag and drop type arrangement on Launcher, and achieve the grid pixel level design for each unit of Launcher, as well as realize the rapid modification and shelf operation without any need of software developers’ intervene.

  • Modular drag and drop type arrangement and configuration of Launcher desktop and application
  • Support the import of H5, JS templates, support the visual arrangement for each business UI of STB, mobile -phones, PAD and other terminals.
  • Automatic local update of modular plug-ins, which can be equipped with, for any source of UI
  • Application hyperlink, which can support the link configuration to jump to channel live broadcasts, on-demand broadcasts, time shifting, playback, APK, HTML, JS, APK designated parameters, content preview and presentation, etc.
  • A large number of internal plug-in applications and functions, mainly including: LOGO, weather forecast, clock, perpetual calendar, network status and notification center, dynamic effect, wallpaper, marquee, whether the content needs authentication or not, black and white list.
  • Support whether to allow users to edit the configuration Launcher tags or not, and customized content (including channel, applications and games, and videos, etc.). In addition, only the sources and contents which have been authorized can be selected for customization according to different user group.
  • Support the distribution of different layouts according to terminal type/version, area, user group, and other arrangements.
  • Powerful performance, cloud deployment, and support mass terminals.