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  • Product name: VR/Panorama business

1.TV panoramic live and on-demand video: COSHIP® full business platform provides the cloud service of panoramic videos (with 4K intelligent set-top box as terminal carrier), meanwhile the angle of view can be switched by using a remote control, so as to provide panoramic 4K ultimate experience.


2.Panoramic house-viewing: Panoramic 16K images; the angle of view is switched by using a remote control of intelligent set-top box; online house-viewing and house-choosing, room navigation. Favorite products can be bought by means of online ordering.


3.Panoramic tour: Panoramic view of scenic spots, panoramic preview of hotel, and the angle of view is switched by using a remote control of intelligent set-top box or mobile-phone, room navigation. Online ticket booking, online room reservation, online shopping can be done in a panoramic scene.


4.VR game: Manipulation with 6 degrees of freedom, which can provide 20ms ultimate experience


5.Mobile phone/helmet VR video:

6.VR portal: VR presentation of business list; and the business can be selected for use by means of head control; both immersion and experience are of the same strain.


7.Mobile phone/helmet VR cinema: Watch 2D videos; and the viewing experience of panoramic cinema can be enjoyed.


  • Full business platform support: SHENZHEN COSHIP ELECTRONICS CO., LTD.’s business management, content storage and distribution, TV and mobile-phone APP presentation and control are all supported.
  • Industry chain cooperation: From panoramic content recording and production, VR game, and VR hardware (video recorder, camera, helmet, handle, and host), to introduction of VR content, SHENZHEN COSHIP ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. has a lot of outstanding partners, who can help the operators carry out VR business quickly.
  • Deep customized development: As for VR scene modeling, business access, business presentation, the services of customized development on full VR/panoramic business can be provided.