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  • Product name: Interactive live platform

Taking the Webcast’s features of interaction, participation and simplicity for reference, COSHIP® Interactive live platform gives full play to the advantages of plentiful contents of radio and television, which are manageable and controllable, green and healthy, as well as close to the users, meanwhile makes use of convenience of video anchor on the mobile terminal, so as to provide government affairs, law enforcement, education, public welfare, convenient measures, scenic spots, institutional services and other green and healthy contents to the majority of users in the form of live broadcasts.

  • Large + small screen presentation: Mobile-phone acquires and uploads the video at real time, both TV and mobile-phone screen present the video; the presentation content is plentiful, and the coverage group of user is wide.
  • All-terminal and all-network support: Support middleware STB, intelligent STB, Android Phone, iPhone, Pad, PC terminal; support DVB, IP networks;
  • Reuse the existing devices and sourcesCan reuse the existing CDN/video server’ idle sources, and use IPQAM unified sources.
  • Live contents are manageable and controllable: Real name authentication of anchor unit, broadcasts after having been examined and approved, timely blocking, automatic screening, complaint and report, black and white list, patrol and duty, management system.
  • Deep integration of existing businesses: Achieve intelligent association of TV live broadcasts, on-demand broadcasts, game and interactive live broadcasts, which can make it most convenient for users to watch the live contents in which they are interested.
  • Plentiful and flexible profit models: Support reward sharing, attached advertisement, business diversion, market promotion and many other profit models.
  • Low construction cost: Interactive live platform can multiplex portal system, user system, and broadcast control system of existing full-business integration platform, as well as use the devices of existing capacity system, which will greatly reduce the construction period and cost of interactive live broadcast system.