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  • Product name: Big data platform

COSHIP® Big data platform acquires business data, program data, user data, operation data, viewing behavior, and etc. of terminals based on IP bilateral network (including middleware STB, intelligent STB, smart TV, mobile phone, and PAD) at real time, and transmit them to the cloud for ETL, analysis, processing, and storage, then apply and display the analysis results.

On the basics of Hadoop distributed computation and storage technology, Spark concurrent computation technology, algorithm of Mahout, R and other languages, integrated with its understanding of radio and television industry for many years, SHENZHEN COSHIP ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. has researched and developed a series of big data platform, which will fit the needs and characteristics of operators. With data processing techniques and algorithms through independent research and development, the traditional BI business demand can be responded in seconds, as well as the data and technology can be expanded horizontally; on this basis, user portrait algorithm, feature user extraction method, user habit model, business operation forecast, and etc. based on the user viewing behavior and operational data can be carried out, which will support the operator's needs for intelligent operation of business.