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COSHIP® CDN system, with the capabilities including content injection, storage, distribution, caching, and management, can distribute and cache the hot content to fringe node for user access, and reduce the pressure on backbone network caused by user access while improving the efficiency of user access, as well as support both DVB and IP networks.


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1. CDN can not only support the DVB+OTT mode at the same time, but also support the video services throughthe traditional set-top boxes, intelligent set-top boxes, and OTT clients;

2. Multi-level caching: Support the caching policy based on memory and disk, so as to reduce the pressureof network request to center node;

3. Support Consistent Hash Scheduling Policy: CLS can schedule the pushing nodes in accordance with Consistent Hash Scheduling Policy, and distribute the requests with the same user on-demand behavior as far as possible to the same pushing node; therefore, for the fringe nodes, the hit ratio of local pushing nodes is up to 80%-90%;

4. Overload protection: License and bandwidth can be configured to limit the rated capacity of a single pushing node, so as to guarantee the stable operation of system;

5. Support on-line linear expansion of capacity of pushing nodes;

6. Support the videos of H264/H265/AAC TS format, support 4K programs, support SPTS/UDP/Multicast live stream input, support the injection of content source with FTP/HTTP protocol;

7. Flexible distribution strategies: Support pre-distribution, hotspot active distribution, hotspot caching, manual distribution, and other strategies;

8. High availability of system: Support the redundant backup of on-demand contents, support the backup recording real-time programs, support channel switching, and program switching;

9. CDN can carry out centralized deployment or distributed deployment, which can be selected flexibly according to the actual situation of customers;

10. The performance of a single pushing unit is up to 4,500 concurrent streams of standard definition;

11. Support security chain technology, so as to ensure the security of contents;

12. Support rate self-adaption

13. CDN supports standard HLS protocol, which can dock with a variety of mainstream clients on the market quickly and conveniently;

14. Strong network management system, which can carry out source monitoring, business monitoring, alarm management, and etc. on the CDN cluster system;