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  • Product name: Video streaming system

VSS (Video Streaming System) is mainly used to provide the pushing service for on-demand video, time shifting, wonderful playback and other businesses. The corresponding front-end processor schedules the pushing parts and carries out session and stream control on CDN pulling, caching, pushing, and cluster system. When user initiates a request of video service through set-top box, VSS will push the stream to the target requester while pulling the stream from CDN. It can be used for on-demand VOD of telecommunications, government, radio and television, community, and hotel, as well as remote tutorial project, which can meet the demand of video service at different levels.

1. Support on-demand broadcasts based on IPQAM and IP, time shifting, playback and other businesses in addition;

2. Support multi-level caching policy based on memory and disk, so as to reduce the pressure of network request to CDN;

3. The front-end processor for pushing the stream can schedule the pushing nodes in accordance with the Consistent Hash Scheduling Policy, and distribute the request with the same user on-demand behavior as far as possible to one pushing node; therefore, for the fringe node, VSS’s hit ratio of local pushing node can be up to 80%;

4. Support overload protection: License and bandwidth can be configured to limit the rated capacity of a single pushing node, so as to guarantee the stable operation of system;

5. Linear expansion of pushing capacity: The capability of pushing unit can be expanded linearly on line;

6. Fast broadcast: Independently researched and developed fast broadcast control technology, which can push the video stream within 100ms after having received the video request from set-top box;

7. Fast fault recovery:

a) Support session recovery and single-point fault recovery and session recovery of pushing units in thecluster;

b) Support session and seamless switching based on TCP connection of front-end processor in the cluster;

8. The performance of a single pushing unit is up to 8,000 concurrent streams;

9. The network management system can carry out source monitoring, business monitoring, alarm management, session management manage and etc. on the cluster system;