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  • Product name: Full-business intelligent integration management system (BO)

COSHIP® Backoffice (Full-business intelligent integration management system), with all-media, full-business, full- network and all-terminal operation ability, is a leading solution of intelligent integration platform in the industry, which can satisfy the basic business demand, including DVB, OTT, IPTV, and support multi-screen interaction, video communication, shopping, games, VR, interactive live broadcasts, video surveillance, family health and other value-added businesses, as well as achieve cross-platform and cross-system businesses, such as intelligent family, intelligent community, and intelligent city under the support of COSHIP® big data platform. This platform is an open platform with high reliability, and high availability, which is operable, manageable, maintainable, expandable, and can meet the standards. It is the best choice for the operator to carry out full-business intelligent integration operation.

1. Support the basic businesses, such as IPQAM VOD, IPTV, and OTT, support VR, interactive live broadcasts, multi-screen interaction, video surveillance, intelligent family, advertising business, application store, message pushing and other expanded businesses

2. Support live broadcasts, on-demand broadcasts, application, DVB, IP and other different types of businesses, as well as integration, mixture, presentation of businesses under different network.

3. Support Linux STB, Android STB, Android Phone, iOS Phone and other terminal devices.

4. Support the standards, such as NGOD, and NGB, support RTSP/RTP/RTCP/HTTP/HLS/RTMP and other technical codes.

5. Provide unified portal management, unified business management, unified content management, unified AAA, unified session management, unified source management and other background operation management functions.

6. Support multi-screen interaction, multi-screen sharing, mobile-phone remote control and other functions.

7. Support the docking with DRM, BOSS, AMS and other peripheral systems.

8. Support operation report, unified network management, business monitoring and other operation supporting systems.

9. Support cluster deployment and horizontal expansion, and support 10 million users.