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Guangdong Radio and Television Network Company

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Guangdong Radio and Television HD Interactive Platform

Guangdong HD platform interactive platform was established firstly at 2012 by Coship, the platform has been carried out large-scale unified isomerization, integration and expansion of the whole province at the end of 2014, successfully implemented the three-level deployment and classification operation of the high definition interactive platform in the whole province, unified planning and unified construction, and improved the unified transformation of 1 + 19 prefectural cities.




Solutions and services

We Coship is responsible for the construction of the platform’s two subsystems contains Business Operation management subsystem (BO), Video streaming Server Subsystem (VSS), we provide a powerful and stable foundation platform and a management platform for construction of Guangdong province networks.

We Coship provide a full service digital TV platform for the province at the request of Guangdong radio and television network digital TV platform, it requests a global and three-dimensional planning, and to form three-level architecture of provincial center, sub center, sub node.

At the side of platform openness, Guangdong province networks has developed a set of technical standards for their specific business scenarios based on the NGOD standard, provide unified service and interface, provide the basis for the rapid introduction and optimization of network security.


Current scale and effectiveness

  • The platform supports 3.3 million interactive users, supports 150K concurrent stream output, Foshan is the largest local sub market platform which has 50K concurrent stream.
  • Coship HD interactive BO platform system is stable and reliable, provide strong technical support for the Guangdong province network’s of hundreds of millions income in interactive business.

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