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The first step of 2019: Convergence India

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From January 29 to January 31 of 2019, Coship began its journey to the 27th Convergence India in New Delhi, bringing its high-quality product solutions and services.


Convergence Indiais provided key support by IndiaTelecommunication Department, Information Technology Department, Radio Information Department. It is the most important and the largest telecommunications, radio and television, the Internet of things, cloud computing, digital home, cable and satellite TV broadcasting, intelligent equipment, consumer electronics exhibition in India, has been successfully held for 27 sessions since 1993 and has become the largest information exhibition in South Asia.


As a leader in the video industry, Coship is always dedicated to providing smart home related products and services, creating a warm, intelligent vision and home environment for global users. Customer first, teamwork, innovation, integrity, and responsibility are values that have never changed.


Be well aware of meanings of home, we devote every effort to providing smart home experience

The intelligent set-top box is the most integrated product line of Coship and continues to lead the industry. In the past 2018, Coship further increased R&D and cooperation, and became a partner of Google and Netflix, allowing users to watch a large number of video content through the set-top box of Coship. Particularly, Netflix is the world's largest copyright video service provider, covering more than 100 countries and regions.


As for Coship, with this cooperation, we can extend more high-quality services to every corner of the world, and improve the user experience such as the ease of use for viewing services and application ecosystem to a new level.

Meanwhile, Andriod TV support system independently developed by Coship was displayed at the same time. As a new generation of operation management system, it can rapidly locate abnormal faults and manage back-end terminals which helps operators to provide high-quality and rapid response service guarantee more accurately. Moreover, it has an intelligent advertising system that provides data analysis based on user viewing habits and provides operators witha new advertising profit model.


Artificial intelligence with voice interaction as the core is also of more and more strategic significance in video business.An increasing number of operators have adopted voice portal and content operation as their main means of developing intelligent video services.In the Smart Home exhibition area, Coship Smart speaker showcases a new generation of radio and television services with natural voice language as a tool.Coship smart speaker is intelligent and humane, which brings not only the upgrade of home entertainment and consumption mode, but also a new way of broadcasting and television services and new value fields of smart homes.For home users or operators, Coship smart speaker is a blue ocean network with reliable, convenient experience, profit and infinite possibilities.


Contribute our strength to Smart Home

Coship always serves every requirement of operators and home users with high standards and high quality self-requirements, bringing the masterpiece to the global users and continuously enhancing the competitiveness and influence.


Time reveals all things. In 2019, Coship will work together with all operators and home users in continuing to pursue the dreams, and make smart family as the standard of all families.


Convergence India is the beginning of new year, let’s join hands and make great progress together in 2019.

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