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Coship Pushing Smart Home in Kolkata

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India, the world's third-biggest cable market, has more cable subscribers than all of Europe. India's population and development has contributed to the expansion of the Indian broadcasting market.

In recent years, with the continuous development of science and technology. The living room economy returns to the vision, the living room television is toward to clearer, richer direction continuously upgrade, also move toward to more intelligent direction. The intelligent life experience of the family through the TV network is within reach, and the intelligence of the hardware terminal is undoubtedly the most critical one.

From January 10 to January 20, 2018, Coship will bring its Natural TV, smart STB and home Internet solutions to attend the 21st Cable TV Show held in Science City, Kolkata, India. Bring new ecological intelligent life based on cable TV network for Indian users!

Smart Set-Top Box, experience carefree and ultra - clear vision service.

Coship exhibits a number of flagship products, including DVB+OTT, OTT+4G LTE+AP, OTT, OTT+IPTV and other STB products.Comply with the demand of cable TV users in India. Provide the local operators and audience with compatible and multiple choice and bring more economic, rich, excellent viewing and operating experience.

Coship combines the actual needs of operators to continuously improve the competitiveness of various technologies and products. For example, OTT+IPTV supports the functions of OTT+IPTV multicast, video, online browser, etc.

And also get the highest CA certification. Expansion and extension the UI presentati

on, value-added business interaction and others. In terms of terminal system, enhanced operation support for Android system, etc.

Various technical initiatives will bring more systems, expertise and diversified operations management services to Indian cable operators. It also brings high-quality audiovisual experiences such as video-on-demand, live broadcast, and time-shift viewing of ultra-clear, HD, SD and other standards for 80 million viewers in India.

Family gateway, build smart home service platform.

Coship home gateway interconnection solution (product) through access to radio and television network,distribute TV, broadband, and communication signals in the home by cable + wireless,through building families Ultra broadband network, provides smart home service of "high-quality video + personalized service + high-speed broadband" which integrates media entertainment, wireless network, intelligent control and communication services.

Currently, it can host the Internet of things such as live TV, video, broadband network, remote security, remote education, telemedicine, video communication, emergency command, smart home, etc. Integrate all intelligent entrances, realize the remote control management of the family, let intelligent life be everywhere.

Natural TV, a new generation of smart TV.

The projection TV with super large screen, relatively high cost performance, become the first choice product for consumer upgrade sitting room audio-visual. Coship Natural TV is the first projection television with High Lumen Density +3LCD imaging technology, provide users with a 100-inch screen experience. The concept of healthy viewing is emphasized in functional design, and reflected light design is adopted. The human eye sees the TV screen through diffuse reflection, effectively avoiding the damage of direct light to the eyes.

At the same time, Natural TV is integrated into smart STB and home gateway.

the evolution of television from "consumer entertainment media" to "home intelligent control center".Users can enjoy the services such as 4K ultra-clear live broadcast, on-demand and time shift, etc. But also can get through the smart home application ecological chain,integrating smart home products into the unified control of natural television network, build convenient smart home life for users.

Promote intelligent life in an all-round way.

Coship has been constantly exploring the direction of "radio and television wisdom +", by analyzing the current situation and trend of the market, and using Coship deep accumulation experience and technical support, through "terminal, solution, intelligent hardware" to construct the broadcasting ecological interconnection,

expand value-added service through digital TV service, realize cross-platform service, promote and enhance intelligent life experience comprehensively.

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