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COSHIP Attends BCA 2018 | Innovation guides future life

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The three-day BroadcastAsia (BCA) 2018 has come to an end. The annual largest international digital multimedia and broadcasting technology-sharing show held in June in Singapore also attracted a large number of manufacturers and industry professionals around the world this year.

As the largest and most comprehensive broadcasting and television show in Asia, BCA has been only open to industry insiders, which also raises the requirements for product standards. COSHIP, as an excellent global video service provider, brought new smart life experience to global customers this time. With the concept of AI smart home deeply rooted in people's minds, COSHIP makes use of its advantages of depth development in the broadcasting and television market for many years, and has been the first to complete the layout of smart voice home control, full-service smart platform, IoT platform, smart STB and other software and hardware through independent and innovative R&D, providing support for the broadcasting and television operators to meet the needs of different scene users and also feasibility template for the smart transformation of broadcasting and television.

Xiaozhou smart speaker is a new access to future smart home

Under the trend of the smart transformation of industry, COSHIP launches a brand-new home smart hardware named Xiaozhou smart speaker.

Xiaozhou smart speaker is the integration of home entertainment, household appliance control center and television interaction. Its greatest feature is to realize television interaction, live broadcast, on-demand, catch-up, search, information, or even on-line shopping through voice. The connection of single voice message with television can present more applications and improvement in experience.

For broadcasting and television operators, smart speaker should not be a completely Internet-based product, but must be closely connected with its own business such as television and smart home to form its own differentiation advantage, make early layout and seize the new home access. For the users, the access to smart life is available. For broadcasting and television operators, more intimate and convenient media for connecting the users is obtained.


CoNET IoT Platform is a new platform for future snart operation

Broadcasting and television has its own traditional advantages of broad coverage and stable transmission. Meanwhile, COSHIP has continuously given new impetus to broadcasting and television, and launched the CoNET IoT platform with the combination of cloud computing, big data, IoT and other new generation of information technology. CoNET is a full-service end-to-end scheme covering from equipment, data, application to linkage and scheduling command. It includes seven scenes such as big data center, energy efficiency management and security management, and take advantage of the inherent network advantage of broadcasting and television to extend its business to various industries, providing one-stop service from product to application scene for all walks of life. The goal of CoNET is to provide the operators with the complete solution of the whole access to the smart age, covering the platform, hardware and terminal, carrying out the overall layout, constructing the large-scale IoT, and promoting the Intelligence and IoT of broadcasting and television.

More smart products to build a new era of wisdom

In the BCA, COSHIP also displayed the OpenCloud8.0 full-service integration platform, which has the capability of full-media and full-service operation, and can meet the needs of diversified value-added service of broadcasting and television. Based on the access to the traditional DVB, OTT and IP video push-flow modes, the realization of interactive live broadcast, messaging, VR, big data analysis and the like, and the provision of cross-platform and cross-system integration services such as a digital home, television community, social television and the like, the platform also introduces the AI concept, can learn independently, recommend smart learning according to operators and users' operation/usage, and realize behavior analysis to provide decision support for operators' operation and so on. COSHIP is committed to accelerating the overall strategic transformation of the broadcasting and television industry, expanding influence and industrial antennae to the AI industry, and building a new era of wisdom with smart gateway, natural Light TV and other new products.

Under the current trend of national “the Belt and Road” great strategy and industrial smart transformation, COSHIP will seize the opportunity and continue to expand, make full use of the foundation of more than 20 years of rooted in broadcasting  and television, meticulously launch new products and new programs, making positive contribution to the development of the whole industry. COSHIP's electronic series products have been exported to Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia, North America, South America, Australia, North Africa and other areas, covering the world. Bring smart audio-visual experience, smart operation and smart life for all users.

In the future, COSHIP will continue to adhere to the independent innovation, master the core technology, promote the development of smart transformation of the industry for the broadcasting and television industry to realize better, more scientific and smarter development and application, and guide the future life with innovation.

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