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COSHIP Strengthens Its Leadership Position in Eastern European STB Market

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With the development of the concept of “IoT +”, the home IoT ecology has been gradually improved in recent years. Smart home, smart life and other concepts are deeply rooted in people's minds, of which, the television STB, as the "center" of the living room, is bound to be the commanding height of the home gateway. In the STB market, COSHIP has become one of the leading manufacturers with more than 20 years of market experience and profound R&D strength. In the process of “IoT +”, COSHIP vigorously expands the business of smart STB, continues to seize the market share and build the access of smart home, presenting constant diversification and new breakthrough in the business development.

I. Conquer the Eastern European market to keep steady growth of business

As the largest broadcasting and satellite communication show in Eastern Europe, CSTB 2018 was held as scheduled in the CROCUS Expo ICC, Moscow between January 30 and February 1 of 2018.CSTB is the largest broadcasting and satellite communication show in the CIS region. This show is an annual broadcasting and television equipment exhibition in Russia, sponsored by the Government of Russian Federation and the National Television and Broadcasting Association, and has powerful influence on Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Kazakhstan and other countries. This show attracted more than 20,000 professional buyers, covering the markets in USA, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Russia, Ukraine and other countries.

With the great efforts of the international team in continuous development of overseas market for many years, COSHIP is launching intensive marketing expansion campaigns to the world's top broadcasting and telecom operators to promote the continuous increase of performance, achieving remarkable business results. On the international market, currently, COSHIP products are exported to Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia, North America, South America, Australia, North Africa and other regions, becoming an international well-known brand.

According to the latest research by Future Market Insights (FMI), a market research firm, the global STB market is expected to grow at a rate of 7.5% a year to reach $46 billion in 2027. In this show, COSHIP displayed variety of flagship products, including DVB + OTT, OTT + 4G LTE + AP, OTT, OTT + IPTV and other series of STB products. COSHIP STB has become an important part of COSHIP smart home ecosystem. As an access to the application service platform of living room, the STB will give powerful impetus for COSHIP to quickly enter the eastern European market, and huge market for COSHIP to share the economic rise of the sitting room.

II. Take the STB as the access to occupy the commanding height of smart home

COSHIP, through extending the concept of smart home, launched a STB 4K smart gateway type of product, integrating with IPTV network television, broadband access, security WIFI and other functions. With the STB as the center, the product connects home smart equipment, and combines family finance, health care, home security and other smart home businesses, bringing more convenience to the users. In the standby mode of the STB, the STB WIFI hotspot can still be normally connected to ensure the smooth access of the Internet. The user experience in the quality of the images, the smoothness of the video playing and the performance of the whole machine can be well maintained.

With the integration of broadcasting + IoT, COSHIP realizes multi-resource amplification and cooperation based on its profound R & D strength, and connects the channels of the upstream and downstream industrial chain, laying a solid foundation for the establishment of smart ecology with STB as the center of the living room. Based on the experience of broadcasting and television network at home, the support of global overseas markets and the technical advantages of STB, COSHIP will continue to advance triumphantly.

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