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New COSHIP: Internet of Things Assists in Radio and TV Service Provider's Smart Transition

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The radio and TV industry has showed fully new trend in 2018. The new generation of information technology, characterized by cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things, has become the mainstream in the radio and television industry. At the CCBN2018 exhibition, Shenzhen COSHIP Electronics Co., Ltd participated with a slogan called "New Wisdom, New COSHIP" and brought two brand new solutions and two major pieces of intelligent terminal hardware, focusing on the latest trend of high and new technologies such as smart radio and television, cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, ultra HD, while furthering its leading role in bracing for the opportunities to develop an intelligentized radio and television industry. Mr. Huang Yuanlin, Deputy General Manager of COSHIP's Smart Platform Business Division and Mr. Li Xiaole, Director of Operations of the company's Digital Home Business Division, were interviewed by LMTW, and talked about COSHIP's technology and experience advantages based on radio and TV to promote the advanced intelligent development of the industry.

Mr. Huang Yuanlin (left), Deputy General Manager of COSHIP's Smart Platform Business Division and Mr. Li Xiaole (right), Director of Operations of COSHIP's Digital Home Business Division

COSHIP's new solution: intelligent operation of radio and TV industry based on Internet of Things

COSHIP CoNET Internet of Things Solution


A product category of COSHIP Internet of Things Solution

Over the recent years, the inbound business has become a highlight in the development of radio and television network. Aiming at the two hot fields in the industry, Internet of Things and Sharp-eyed Project, COSHIP has launched two sets of solutions named CoNET and Ovideo. As Mr. Huang noted, the solutions have their own focuses but also interconnections, and the CoNET is essentially to realize interconnection between people and things, achieve deep degree of informatization and make the space and things reach the level of "intelligence". Notably, unlike the traditional business, the products introduced by COSHIP are not limited to the household products in the traditional radio and television industry, but rely on the inherent network advantages and stretch onto the fields of intelligent buildings, parks, communities and cities, and strive to be the energy provider for Internet of Things to accelerate the construction of smart cities and promote the leap-forward development of inbound business.

COSHIP Cloud of Things - the Sharp-eyed Project Solution

What are the opportunities and application scenarios for radio and TV plus AI? According to Mr. Huang, COSHIP as an enterprise that develops with the industry over the years has been working hard to integrate technologies and the industry along with the course of evolution. As for the concept of radio and TV plus AI, the newly launched series Ovideo Cloud of Things, CoNET, intelligent loudspeaker and intelligent gateway cover multiple links such as terminal equipment, industry application, network transmission, etc.  Each of these products is specially designed to produce great value in different application scenarios, which can also be combined with each other in a joint effort to make interconnection of various fields on the basis of radio and television network a possibility, so as to realize the goal of all-in-one intelligent buildings, parks, communities and cities construction based on intelligent family. For the operators, COSHIP can provide with a complete solution that quickly and efficiently makes them enter the intelligent era.


COSHIP Intelligent Loudspeaker: centers around household small Internet of Things, and brings a new experience in intelligent home

Visitors try the Xiaozhou Intelligent Loudspeaker

Intelligent home-centered hardware has emerged over the past years. However, there is shortage of television screen-based smart hardware. COSHIP displayed its brand new household intelligent terminal - Xiaozhou Intelligent Loudspeaker. Xiaozhou Intelligent Loudspeaker is said to be a smart sound box which integrates family entertainment, home appliance control center and television interaction, as well as radio and television service and intelligent life. Its biggest feature is to make TV interaction through far-field voice, live broadcast, on-demand, catch-up, search, information, or even on-line shopping. Communicating voice information with television can present more applications and improvement in experience. For the users, a smart life is accessible; for radio and TV operators, a more compact and convenient medium for connecting users is available; for COSHIP, an application-oriented ecological network from small to big Internet of things (in combination with CoNET) is constructed. According to Li Xiaole, Xiaozhou Intelligent Loudspeaker has been in cooperation with the multiple provincial television operators and CIBN Live, and can be purchased through the local operators, stores or online platforms after it is launched on the market, which also brings enjoyable and intelligent life experience.


Natural Light TV: new audio visual experiences

COSHIP Natural Light TV

While big screen is into the trend of TV consumption upgrading, COSHIP brings its Natural Light TV. COSHIP Natural Light TV is the first reflection ultra-short-focus projection TV with High Lumen Density plus 3LCD imaging technology in the industry. Compared with other laser televisions, it is characterized by wider color gamut, more authentic and vivid images, and with no potential harm from laser source. There is TPU prism anti-light curtain and surround stereo sound in its overall configuration of hardware, the former solves the problem that the common projection television is affected by ambient light during the day, and the latter provides the theater-level audio enjoyment.

Besides the advantages of projection TV, COSHIP Natural Light TV has integrated the DVB-standard set-top box in the projector, and has connected to more than 10 provincial cable operators in China, according to Li Xiaole, and all the services to the local cable operator are available as long as the cable television line is connected, with no difference from the ordinary television. And as it can present perfect images and provide excellent visual performance under natural light, without the problem of image flashing in common laser televisions, this version can well protect the viewer's eyesight.

From this exhibition, COSHIP has shown its constant endeavor for technological and product innovation, giving full play to its profound industrial accumulations and strong technical advantages, taking technology, product and innovation as the cornerstone, with customer service as its mission and market extension as the goal, striving to make new achievements. COSHIP is now developing towards the philosophy of "New Wisdom, New COSHIP". It's a hope that COSHIP will create more unexpected and dynamic products and solutions for the whole radio and TV system in 2018 under the management of new trend and new organization and the influence of new Internet of Things and new audio-visual technology.

     New Wisdom, New COSHIP, New Difference!

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