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SCAT 2017,Coship ready for South-Asia market

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SCAT INDIA was launched on October 12, 2017. Professionals from the United States, Canada, Britain, Italy and other 17 countries and regions were gathered in Mumbai, participated in India and South Asia's largest satellite, cable TV industry trade show, expected to find business opportunities. Coship also brought a variety of flagship products debut in the E6 booth for customers in India to present a wealth of product lines, attracted many customers advice and cooperation, to continue to deepen the market in South Asia.

As the world's third largest cable TV market, Indian radio and television industry is in a rapid development cycle. Indian cities mainly focus on cable TV users, followed by broadband users, and other areas are directly received by satellite receiving antennas. In this exhibition, Coship was divided into a number of sub-target markets based on the characteristics of Indian market, and displayed the corresponding products for promotion. For the majority of cable TV users in India, the main push products with affordable, durable features, such as H.264 HD / SD STB SERIES series of set-top boxes. In the digital wave, it shows OTT+CABLE and IPTV HD STB SERIES products to the Indian market. Which OTT + CABLE both meet the needs of users access to ordinary cable TV, but also provides network TV access, to provide users with multiple options, more competitive in the market, also exhibited Coship leading set-top box solution technology.

 Coship series of STB products certified by the CA system, for the Indian radio and television operators to provide a comprehensive solution and the best cost-effective, increase revenue, is the ideal choice for the India digital cable operators to deploy. With more than 80 million households in India, the company offers a safe, stable and cost-effective platform for operators. For Indian consumers, high quality digital TV viewing experience is also available.

As always, Coship will continue to create the best experience and value for operators and customers around the world.

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