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Coship participate in IBC exhibition, wisdom is everywhere

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The annual IBC exhibition was held at the RAI international exhibition center in Amsterdam, Netherlands, from September 15 to 19. The IBC exhibition is the most authoritative and large-scale professional exhibition of radio and television equipment in the Netherlands even the whole of Europe. The exhibition brought together many advanced and high-quality brands from all over the world, with strong international influence, it is the direction of the future development of the industry.

In this exhibition, the world's major manufacturers and brands focused on the future of the radio and television industry transformation of the new trend, from MixReality, VR interaction, panoramic camera equipment to the deployment of radio and television and the application of intelligent solutions. With the "Bring you digital life" as a stunning debut,Coship focused on the show with the continent in the field of radio and television in the forefront of the application of products, multi-directional interpretation of the new opportunity to explore radio and television, attracting a large number of viewers stop to watch.

With the platform of the whole business platform,Coship can realize cross-platform and cross-system intelligent integration

With the rapid development of global home broadband and video services,radio and television operators in the face of user audio and video entertainment, multi-screen interaction and even security, medical and other integrated business,if they want to quickly share in the market share,Coship smart home business platform is the best choice.


Full business intelligence platform equipped with full media, full business, the whole network, the whole terminal operating capacity, support IOT solutions, support multi-screen interactive, video communications, VR, interactive live, family finance, home security and medical value-added services.And under the support of Coship large data platform, to realize the cross-platform, cross-system smart integration business of smart families, smart communities and smart cities, it is the industry's leading intelligent integration platform solutions.

Coship Nature TV,extend from "family" to "life circle"



Another key product of Coship in this exhibition is Natural TV, facing the value dilemma of cable TV users' entrance, Coship has launched the Natural TV that combined with intelligent TV set-top box and home gateway in order to dig up the potential of smart home business.Coship has realized the TV evolution from " media content service" to " family information housekeeper ", has opened up the smart home industry chain and the Internet vertical application chain, has built the ecological environment of the Internet business.


In terms of physical parameters, Natural TV is the TV with industry's first HLD light source, equipped with 3LCD imaging technology. Natural TV with 3LCD imaging technology to make the color gamut wider, more vivid, compared to the laser light source is more safe without eye injury, beyond the current laser TV. At the same time, a super short focus projection is used to project a 100-inch frame with a distance of only 28 cm from the curtain, with a projection ratio of 0.29 and a built-in set-top box to support the cable operator 4K ultra clear broadcasting. Multi-function, high ductility and high value of Natural TV won the unanimous approval of the participating customers.


As the first listed company in the digital video industry in domestic, as well as the leading high-tech enterprise of smart home products and services. Coship has a very rich experience in the field of radio and television. In the future, the company will continue to lead the way and explore new trends in radio and television.

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